Monday, 27 June 2016

They make us live in multiple worlds: books

Today I was glad when my 6 years doll asked me that “Maa when will be I able to read Geronimo ki series.”
 Well being a middle class kids that too of our generations (alas not that old) we poor were exposed to school books only. And bahut mummy ko laga toh, in vacations champak and chandamama were sacred gift. Rest we were asked school ki kitabein par lo wahi bahut hai.......At the end of teens mills and boon was considered as a luxury. Foreign authors were like gods. Infact availability of books was also a challenge in small cities. Again tier 1 cities were exceptional. Readers used to share books, discuss each twist with relevant expression and yes the one with latest novel was the richest. Now things are changing even kids have a huge section at books shops, and school along with sentient parents promote reading. For any readers books are not a luxury rather  it is a necessity.

Well books make us live in multiple world; they paraphrase our emotions and help us find ourselves. I mulled at the thought that books are introduced at a very early age but is reading taught .......??

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